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You're probably sick of my polls today but I need to show you this epic Lucinda / Will pic~ 

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Stolen from and created by :iconnorieh:  Go read her comic.  It's about plant people, it's really cool.…  

If anyone wants me to re-do this for a different OC, feel free to comment~
(note that there might be some questions I can't or won't answer because of spoilers or whatever though)

Long random OC questions meme! 
Just random things to share about your precious brain child. 
tag someone and the oc you want to know about, or just do this yourself! 

1. Full name of your character, height, age,  and fandom if they are in one.

Tyrian von Stollenheim. 
53.  (approx. 24 in human years) 
I have no idea his exact height, but he's quite tall.  Not overly so, though.

2. What is your characters phobias? Any mental insecurities?

Oh gosh.  Well, I have a comic coming up for this so I won't go into too much detail, but he worries that he's only liked because he's king, and also that he's doing a bad job of it.  I guess you could say he has a phobia of iron.  He's not irrationally afraid of it, and he will stand to be near it, but he won't touch it and he'd rather it just not be around.  Most fairies suffer from this to varying degrees.

3. Are they currently in a relationship? or are they seeking one? is there something in a lover they find attractive. 

Technically, yes.  Being royal and a fairy he has a couple of 'mistresses' but he isn't in an actual relationship as such.  I'm sure it's painfully obvious that he'd like one with Will, but if you expect me to clarify what's going on exactly then you haven't been paying attention.
Basically Will is EVERYTHING he finds attractive...

4. Nationality/species

Also a vampire, though vampire is not technically a species, it's more of an affliction.

5. Do they get along with their parents?

He has a bit of a hero worship thing going on with his Dad, but his mother he doesn't get along with very well.  It's quite common for vampire children to become overly attached to the non-vampire parent and have a rocky relationship with the vampire one.  

6. What powers or interesting skills do they have?

He can use a sword pretty well.  He was a prince and all, so this is a requirement.  (Some human story rules do cross over)
He knows both fairy and vampire spells, although some of these cross over.
Vampires specialise in self-transformation, flight and mind control.  (though Tyr does not know any of the latter)
Fairies specialise in invisibility, self-transformation and transformation.  They generally have a wide range of spells, but all of them know these.  Tyrian and Erlina actually know less spells than regular fairies, because they're royalty and other people get paid to do that stuff for them.  But it means they put studies into other royal junk like languages etc.

7. What are their thoughts on killing people (or their own species if not human)?

He doesn't like killing stuff if he doesn't have to. 

8. Is there a canon character they would almost perfectly cosplay as?

Um, maybe the avatar character in Suikoden II(Riou by default, I think), what with his black hair.  My Suikoden II guy is actually called Tyrian, because it's a name I made up to call my JRPG guys since I'm a girl and all.

9. Do they have a best friend?  you can add why they get along or how they met if you want.

Will and Aurelia are his best friends.  He also gets along very well with Celia, Louis and Barbara.
You've already seen how he met Will and how he met Aurelia is coming up in a comic.  They met when they were little kids, and Aurelia grew up as Tyr's fool.   

10. How about siblings? and how do they feel about these siblings?

He has no biological siblings, but he does have a little sister of sorts...

11. Pets?

Technically no.  Technically Will counts, because that's basically what fools were.  Also he has a griffin, but that's more of a steed than a pet.

12. Are they happy with their life currently?

No, because his parents are missing and he keeps falling in love with people he shouldn't.  But he is actually pretty happy besides these things.

13. If they could wish for anything besides more wishes, what would it be?

To have his parents back.

14. What would their online username for sites like DA or tumblr be?

I dread to think.  Tyrian + the internet is a scary, scary prospect.  Do you know what the internet would do to him?!  Do you know what FANFICTION would do to him?!  DO YOU?!

15. How gay are they? (dunno how to word this better, but you probably get what i mean.)

As gay as a field full of marigolds, tended by tiny, butterfly butlers, no less.

(Seriously I can't believe this came up, DO I PASS THE INTERVIEW? see - - if you don't get it.)

16. How different are they from their childhood self?

He's a lot more sensitive to other people now, and he is getting more confident and stuff.  I guess the problem is that he is not terribly different - fairies don't really do maturity very well in the first place, and he's become king sooner than he wanted sooooo.  Yeah.

17. Do they have/want to have children of their own? do they like other children?

He doesn't, but he wouldn't mind.  The problem is that he was being pushed to produce an heir, for which he has to get married, which he does not want to do.  He loves children (fairies usually do, especially other species of children) but I don't think he's very good with them.  

18. What are their hobbies?

Writing, reading, the theatre and generally getting out there and socialising with people etc.

19. Physical weaknesses?

Fairies tend to rely on magic, so he isn't terribly physically strong.  Also that vampire thing.  Vampires get tired, irritable and fainty when they're low on blood. 

20. What does it take to make them cry of sadness or joy?

He's actually a terrible crybaby, so like, not much XD  Nah, he's got that under control since he was king (as usual 'there's a comic for that' coming up at some point) but in front of people, I'd say deep loss or utter relief.  

21.Top or bottom?(yeah you know what i mean here too. beds, bunk beds) I mean relationship dominance. Describe it eve.

Both really.  He's not a terribly dominant person, but his role as king/prince means that he either sometimes just naturally is, or is forced to be dominant, and so he also doesn't mind being bossed around.  -shrug-

It sort of a result of his upbringing - his father, being a commoner, took great pains to teach him that he is not better than anyone else just because of his royal blood, but his mother and grandparents, being of royal blood, taught him that yes fine, but people should show you respect and do what you say.  This is pretty much why he's so pants at being king right now.

22. What is probably something they do that would make others hate them?

Like most fairies, he has this 'what other cultures' block that means he can be totally insensitive.  He tends to say things or ask questions without considering the other person might not want to be asked in the first place.  To fairies, this is just asking a question and totally okay, to most other cultures it's 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!' 

23. How long have you had this OC? How much has changed since you created them?

Eleven years now.  Rina is the only other OC I've had for as long, followed by Shu.  He's changed a LOT.  Originally he was the personification of the night, and something of an Edward Cullen type of character.  He started to become like his current incarnation in the third rewrite of the book he's originally from.  It was when I transplanted the storyline over to the Miss Prince universe and he became a Stollenheim that his current incarnation started to solidify.  Then his interactions with Will and the others have changed him too, he's softened up a lot and got a lot more sensitive than he was at first.  I actually did a thing for this -

24. Pay them 100$ to run around naked in a busy town, will they do it?

What do you mean 'pay him'? 

Okay so, maybe he wouldn't run around, but fairies have basically zero hang ups about nudity and changelings particularly walk around half-naked all the time, so it's not a big deal. 

25. What is the most violent thing they've done? Can they be sadistic?

He's not very violent, but if something badly upsets him... he did rip something in half once.  He's not sadistic, no.

26. What makes them happy?

His precious people~

27. Can they sing or play instruments?

Nope.  Royal.  Has people to do that for him~

28. How important is upkeeping schooling or their own intelligence to them?

Pretty important.  He likes learning stuff, although to be honest, I don't think he's very good at retaining it.

29. How do they act around their lover? Would they do things outside their normal behavior because of them?

See basically all the comics.  And yes, he would and does do things outside his normal behaviour, like not asking awkward questions and attempting to use such baffling human technology as a toaster.

30. If all their life story was kept on a computer. and someone were to go through the files of their life. what would be something about themselves that they would try to delete because they do not want ANYONE to know about?  

Hmmm.  That's a toughie, because at certain points in his life, there are things he would have deleted, but at the point he is now, pretty much anything and everything is out in the open for all to see. 

31. And lastly. what are traits about this character that you yourself admire?

There are times when he just doesn't care that he's screwed up and I sure wish I didn't care when I screw up >.<  It's like, not all the time, but he knows when it doesn't matter, and those times he doesn't let it get to him, and with me it's like, I care if I accidentally say something stupid to some random stranger I will never see again and who might not even remember the idiot thing I said/did the next day, but it will haunt me for years ;_;

So anyway there we go.




Booked conventions-

MancsterCon - 8th - 10th August

Wigan Comic Con - 7th December


'I'll get a job', she'd thought. 'Earn my own ticket,' she'd thought. Lucinda's parents had agreed that it was a good idea. 'It'll teach you some responsibility,' they'd said.  

Lucinda was currently staring down a dragon, dressed as a man, on only her first day in gainful employment. She suspected her parents would not think it such a good idea if they knew.

~ from Miss Prince

You can read a sample here -

On Amazon  -… -…

"Ambrosia. The Drink of the Gods. Thick, syrupy and vanilla flavoured, for some reason. It also contains enough calories to kill a mortal on the spot, so it's just as well that mortals are no longer mortals by the time they finish drinking it. Like Seralina, for example. She hadn't really meant to become a god. She hadn't taken the warning 'This will make of ye a god' seriously. It was her general policy not to trust any claim beyond 'It tastes all right, really'. She certainly didn't trust anything that sounded made-up or used words like 'dynamic'. Going round trusting words like 'dynamic' could get you into trouble. As it turned out, so could ignoring warning labels."

~ from Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster

You can download a sample chapter of EBSD here:

Buy it on Amazon:…
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Alicia L. Wright
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My debut novel, Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster came out on the 22nd October 2011. My next book, Miss Prince, will be published on 14th May 2014! Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales, my webcomic, runs alongside it.

I'm a comic fantasy YA author, anime fan, artist and gamer.

Right now I'm working part time, studying games design from home and working on more book stuff.


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