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I'm having fun, okay?  Don't judge me X3

Original by :iconnorieh: here -

Rosie and Johann usually get ignored sadly, so have a meme~

Rosie and Johann snuggles by PuddingValkyrie

Long random OC questions meme! 
Just random things to share about your precious brain child. 
tag someone and the oc you want to know about, or just do this yourself! 

1. Full name of your character, height, age,  and fandom if they are in one.

Rosalind Fisher
Eh, she's just medium sized?  5"5 if I had to guess?

Johann Von Stollenheim III
A bit taller than Rosie.

2. What is your characters phobias? Any mental insecurities?

Rosie: SPOILERS.  No answer for you. (I'm sure my readers can guess)

Johann:  Nothing really.  Other than the standard vampire fear of mobs with flaming torches and pitchforks.

3. Are they currently in a relationship? or are they seeking one? is there something in a lover they find attractive. 

Rosie:  She's dating Johann.  Hmm, she isn't really the sort of person who bothers with romance.  Her relationship with Johann just kinda happened as they got to know each other. 

Johann:  Dating Rosie (obviously).  He just wants someone he can have decent conversations with, really.  He doesn't want much, just some compatibility.

4. Nationality/species

Rosie: British / Human

Johann: Anima / Human (vampire)

(again, I feel I need to point out that vampire is more of an affliction than a species)

5. Do they get along with their parents?

Rosie: She more or less got on with them, but she can't see them any more, really.

Johann:  Hates his father, is a little over-attached to his mother.
(again, this is a common pattern with vampires that they dislike the vampire parent and get a bit too clingy to the other one)

6. What powers or interesting skills do they have?

Rosie: She's a witch by trade, but in practice she's n alchemist.  She knows a lot about potion making and stuff, and is good with plants.

Johann:  The usual vampire stuff; turning into a bat or whatever, levitation, some animal and humanoid control. 

7. What are their thoughts on killing people (or their own species if not human)?

Rosie: She's essentially a doctor, so killing people is not a thing she is okay with.  

Johann:  He's not okay with killing people. 

8. Is there a canon character they would almost perfectly cosplay as?

Not that I can think of.  For either. 

9. Do they have a best friend?  you can add why they get along or how they met if you want.

Rosie:  Johann is kinda her best friend.  She had some friends back on Earth but she's cut off from them.  She has friends she made in Fairyland when she was studying, and she does see them from time to time. 

Johann:  Again, Rosie is kind of his best friend.  He has other friends, but the life of a traditional vampire cuts one off from others.

10. How about siblings? and how do they feel about these siblings?

Rosie: She's an only child, I believe. 

Johann:  Definitely an only child.

11. Pets?

Rosie: No pets, just plants.  So many plants...

Johann:  he has several wolves, who he baby talks to at any opportunity.

12. Are they happy with their life currently?

Rosie: Kinda.  It's not perfect, but she isn't unhappy. 

Johann:  He's been a lot happier recently than he was.  He's reasonably happy.

13. If they could wish for anything besides more wishes, what would it be?

Rosie: -mumble mumble- spoilers -mumble-

Johann: Probably also spoilers.

14. What would their online username for sites like DA or tumblr be?

Rosie: Something sensible.  Probably just her name and some numbers or something.  

Johann: I don't think he'd appreciate the internet.

15. How gay are they? (dunno how to word this better, but you probably get what i mean.)

Rosie: She's 'straight for a given value of straight'.  That is, if she hadn't come across Johann she'd be utterly uninterested.

Johann: He's just plain straight.

16. How different are they from their childhood self?

Rosie: She's far more serious and cautious than she used to be. 

Johann: Not terribly, except for the inevitable consequences that growing up has on a person.

17. Do they have/want to have children of their own? do they like other children?

Rosie: She'll inevitably end up pregnant at some point, and she will be freaking out about it.   I don't think she likes children very much.  But she doesn't really dislike them.

Johann:  He's likes children well enough.  He'd be thrilled to have one of his own, though he's worried the child won't like him, what with the usual vampire pattern.

18. What are their hobbies?

Rosie: She really likes reading.  She also likes travelling and nature.

Johann: Reading (most people in the Otherworlds who can afford books like to read, since there's no TV or internet). 

19. Physical weaknesses?

Rosie: She's not terribly strong, but there's no specific weakness. 

Johann:  Same. 

20. What does it take to make them cry of sadness or joy?

Rosie: I would say it's quite difficult for either of those.

Johann:  He'd cry if someone close to him died.  I'm not sure if he'd cry for joy. 

21.Top or bottom?(yeah you know what i mean here too. beds, bunk beds) I mean relationship dominance. Describe it eve.

There is a running joke in the Stollenheim family that Rosie is the one that wears the pants in the relationship, but it isn't true, she just forbids Johann to bite anyone else because it would mess with her research.  It's a pretty even relationship, power wise. 

22. What is probably something they do that would make others hate them?

Rosie: She doesn't like other people much (there is a reason she lives alone in the middle of a forest) and she won't make an effort to be friendly to people if she doesn't feel like it, which can drive people away.    

Johann:  Depending on the person, freaking everything.  Drinking wine, not drinking wine, scaring people, not scaring people... you just can't win when you're a traditional vampire. 

23. How long have you had this OC? How much has changed since you created them? 

Since 2011.  Neither of them has changed terribly much. 

24. Pay them 100$ to run around naked in a busy town, will they do it?

Nope.  Both of them are too dignified. 

25. What is the most violent thing they've done? Can they be sadistic?

Rosie:  Hmm.  Well, she'll stand up for herself if she has to fight, but she prefers to disarm rather than harm, so she uses things like paralyzing potions for defence if she needs it.  She's not sadistic.

Johann:  Can't think of anything particularly violent.  he relies on his magic in a fight, and like Rosie, he prefers to disable rather than hurt.

26. What makes them happy?

Rosie: Johann, mostly~  Also books and nature. 

Johann:  Rosie.  His mother.  His wolves. 

27. Can they sing or play instruments?

Rosie: She can sing, but she doesn't like doing it in front of people.

Johann: Nope.

28. How important is upkeeping schooling or their own intelligence to them?

Rosie: Very, although the opportunity is limited now doing what she does. 

Johann:  Kind of.  He likes studying stuff, but it's not like he'd get annoyed if he couldn't.

29. How do they act around their lover? Would they do things outside their normal behavior because of them?

Behind closed doors, Rosie and Johann both would make you gag from how unbelievably sappy they are with each other.  But in front of other people, you hardly know they're a couple.

30. If all their life story was kept on a computer. and someone were to go through the files of their life. what would be something about themselves that they would try to delete because they do not want ANYONE to know about?  

I can't think of anything particularly devastating for either of them.

31. And lastly. what are traits about this character that you yourself admire?

Rosie:  Damn I wish I could just go set up a business in the middle of a forest and just live there unaided.

Johann:  He's just a nice man, really, despite all the crud he gets from people.


I tried to find a drawing meme I wanted to do and I was all 'nope'. 



Booked conventions-

MancsterCon - 8th - 10th August

Wigan Comic Con - 7th December


'I'll get a job', she'd thought. 'Earn my own ticket,' she'd thought. Lucinda's parents had agreed that it was a good idea. 'It'll teach you some responsibility,' they'd said.  

Lucinda was currently staring down a dragon, dressed as a man, on only her first day in gainful employment. She suspected her parents would not think it such a good idea if they knew.

~ from Miss Prince

You can read a sample here -

On Amazon  -… -…

"Ambrosia. The Drink of the Gods. Thick, syrupy and vanilla flavoured, for some reason. It also contains enough calories to kill a mortal on the spot, so it's just as well that mortals are no longer mortals by the time they finish drinking it. Like Seralina, for example. She hadn't really meant to become a god. She hadn't taken the warning 'This will make of ye a god' seriously. It was her general policy not to trust any claim beyond 'It tastes all right, really'. She certainly didn't trust anything that sounded made-up or used words like 'dynamic'. Going round trusting words like 'dynamic' could get you into trouble. As it turned out, so could ignoring warning labels."

~ from Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster

You can download a sample chapter of EBSD here:

Buy it on Amazon:…
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Alicia L. Wright
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My debut novel, Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster came out on the 22nd October 2011. My next book, Miss Prince, will be published on 14th May 2014! Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales, my webcomic, runs alongside it.

I'm a comic fantasy YA author, anime fan, artist and gamer.

Right now I'm working part time, studying games design from home and working on more book stuff.


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